At Jensen Estate Law, we are dedicated to empowering our clients and community with valuable insights into estate planning and administration. Our educational offerings are structured around quarterly focuses, each delving into a critical aspect of estate law.

Quarterly Focus

Each quarter, we select a specific theme that is crucial to estate planning or administration. These themes may include topics such as tax strategies, selecting beneficiaries, essential tools for fiduciaries, communicating with family about estate plans, probates, the fundamentals of estate planning, handling incapacity, and many others. This thematic approach allows us to provide detailed, targeted content that addresses the current needs and interests of our clients.

Monthly Newsletters

Our monthly newsletters are designed to enhance your understanding of estate planning and administration. Each issue addresses a specific aspect of the quarter’s theme, offering detailed and practical information. Topics include tax implications, beneficiary selection, incapacity management, and the probate process. The goal is to provide you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your estate plan, increasing your confidence in managing your estate planning needs effectively.


Each quarter, we host a detailed webinar focused on the quarter’s chosen theme, led by our attorneys. These webinars include a presentation on key topics followed by a Q&A session, allowing you to engage directly. The goal is to provide you with actionable insights and deepen your understanding of important estate planning issues. Recordings of these webinars are made available on our YouTube channel for ongoing access, ensuring that you can benefit from the information at your convenience and reinforce your learning.

Community Engagement

We value the input and interests of our community deeply. Your suggestions for future topics are not only welcomed but encouraged, as they help us tailor our resources to better serve your needs. We are continuously exploring new ways to expand our educational content, including articles and videos, to provide you with comprehensive resources in estate planning.

Stay Connected

Stay informed and engaged by signing up for our monthly newsletters and registering for early access to our webinars. We also encourage you to share your suggestions for future topics or questions for our webinars and articles. To get in touch with your ideas, please contact us. We are dedicated to supporting you and your family and furthering your understanding and confidence.


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