Jensen Estate Law

April Newsletter


Understanding Beneficiary Roles in Estate Planning

Our latest article explores the indispensable role of beneficiaries in shaping the destiny of your assets. Distinguishing between primary and contingent beneficiaries, we emphasize the need for legal consideration in aligning their roles with both intentions and guidelines. Additionally, we highlight the strategic use of trusts as beneficiaries for specific goals. Recognizing the evolving nature of life, show the importance of regular updates to beneficiary designations to avoid legal complications. 

Beneficiary Selection: Balancing Emotion and Strategy in Estate Planning

Selecting beneficiaries in estate planning is more than paperwork; it’s a strategic decision with lasting impacts. At Jensen Estate Law, we recognize the significance of this process and aim to demystify it for you. This article provides practical insights into the role beneficiaries play, factors to consider, and how to navigate potential challenges. 

Navigating the Complexity of Distributions in Estate Planning

In estate planning, how your assets are distributed is a critical factor. This article dives into effective distribution planning methods, covering gradual distributions, age-based approaches, purpose-specific allocations, and the strategic use of testamentary trusts. From aligning with testamentary wishes to legal and tax considerations, we offer practical insights for tailored strategies.