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Asset Protection

Asset protection goes beyond the physical protection of your material assets. It focuses on protecting your legacy for your beneficiaries while avoiding lawsuits, unwanted taxes, and probate. We will work to protect your life’s work for those you want to benefit from them.

Advanced Tax Planning

When it comes to your estate plan, there are many obstacles to overcome. Some of the largest are taxes. By living in the United States, you are subject to Washington State Estate Tax, Federal Estate Tax, Income Tax, and Capital Gains Tax. With our guidance, your estate plan will focus on the opportunities these taxes offer while avoiding traps and unnecessary expenses.

Protecting Your Pets

Our pets offer us companionship and love during our lives. It is only right to give them all the protection and stability that we can after our lives have ended. We will guard the well-being of your furry family in your estate plan so they will be safe and healthy their entire lives.

Small Business Formation

Founding and keeping up a small bussiness is difficult work, we know from first hand experience. We assist with the formation of LLCs for new businesses, asset protection, estate planning, and wealth transfers. Let our small business help protect, plan, and keep up your small business.

Charitable Planning and Gifts

If you decide to give aid to a charity in your estate plan, we are hre to help you. Planned charitable gifts can take the form of Private Foundations, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and Charitable Lead Trusts. When used properly tax benefits can be achieved.

Advanced Estate Planning

We recognize that every person and circumstance is unique and so deserves a unique solution. We are here to work through that with you in a way that achieves your particular goals. Whether it is avoiding more taxes than necessary, a gift trust, or any other issue, we will find an answer.


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