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How to not fumble your estate plan

How to not fumble your estate planMy favorite time of year has finally come again: University of Washington Husky Football! After over of a year and a half of pandemic life it is finally time to start living life somewhat normally again. And watching football is a...

Back to School

Back to School!Planning for Your KidsWhether your child is starting 3rd grade or college, the beginning of the school year is an eventful and important time, especially this year. In honor of this, I would like to bring attention to the ways in which you can protect...

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!For many people the 4th of July marks the official beginning of summer. School has been over for awhile and the Seattle weather is just starting to warm up. This year, the 4th of July comes during a time that has been difficult for many people....

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Sometimes, Two Heads Are Better Than One

We rely on our friends, family, and colleagues to help us through life’s challenges. These trusted individuals can also be incredibly important when setting up an estate plan. It is vital to appoint a fiduciary to act on your behalf. A fiduciary acts on your behalf,...

Anita’s Blog

Should I add my child’s name to my account?

My clients often ask whether or not it is a good idea to add their child name to their accounts.  Adding a child as Power of Attorney (POA) on your account, may be useful if there is ever a period of time you are incapacitated.  However, adding a child as co-owner or...

Are You Following Your Estate Plan?

An estate plan is like a map to the way your life's work should be honored. It is meant to be followed. But in order for others to follow it, you must first. Your estate plan should be a carefully thought out plan designed to distribute your assets efficiently and...


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