Jensen Estate Law

June Newsletter


The Importance of Communication in Estate Planning

Welcome to the first installment of our enlightening series focused on the pivotal role of communication in estate planning. Here, we delve into why effective communication is essential—not only for facilitating a smooth transition of assets but for ensuring that every stakeholder is informed, prepared, and aligned with the estate’s goals. Effective dialogue can significantly enhance outcomes, minimize disputes, and provide clarity and peace of mind for everyone involved.

Your Rights as a Beneficiary: Key Questions Answered

Beneficiaries who thoroughly understand their rights and responsibilities contribute significantly to the efficiency of estate planning and administration. This knowledge enables them to manage the process with confidence, seek appropriate legal advice, and interact effectively with executors and trustees. For estate planners, educated beneficiaries mean fewer disputes and a more streamlined administration process, ultimately leading to a successful realization of the decedent’s wishes and a continuation of their legacy.

Anticipating an Inheritance? A Guide to Making Informed Decisions 

Receiving an inheritance can be a bittersweet experience, bringing a mix of emotions and numerous financial decisions. This guide aims to help you through this complex process, ensuring that you understand the critical aspects of probate, non-probate assets, and the implications of receiving an inheritance in various forms.