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January Client Newsletter


The Essential Planning Everyone Needs

Over the past couple months, our team at Jensen Law Office, has started to explore some new ideas to make estate planning more accessible to everyone. We firmly believe that estate planning is essential for every person. Estate planning does not have to be a daunting, scary task that one is not sure how to approach. It is not something that should only be done once a certain income or life stage is reached. Unlike the movies, one does not have to be living in a mansion to have a Will. Planning for the future is something everyone should and can be doing 

The Recipe for a Satisfying Estate Plan

Misconceptions about who needs an estate plan abound. Most people believe that estate planning is only for extremely wealthy business moguls or celebrities. But that could not be further from the truth. Estate planning is the process of making decisions about what happens to you, your money, and your property when you pass away or can no longer make decisions for yourself. Thus, estate planning should be standard practice for every adult age eighteen or older.

New Year, New Estate Plan

Welcome to 2023! A new year is a time for optimism and new opportunities. It is a time to start fresh and make sure you are headed in the right direction. But making New Year’s resolutions is not enough: Take action now to ensure that you and your family or loved ones are prepared for the future! A new year is a great time to take positive steps that will enhance your life, including putting an estate plan in place. There are many reasons why having an estate plan is beneficial.