July Newsletter

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July Newsletter


Living Trusts: How to Avoid Probate

Learn strategic tools for efficient asset management and probate avoidance. Our latest insights detail how living trusts can enhance privacy, provide seamless asset transfer, and integrate smoothly into your comprehensive estate plan

The Right Time to Start Estate Planning 

In our latest article, Jensen Estate Law expertly examines the critical timing of estate administration, blending legal insight with a sensitive approach to emotional and practical considerations. This thoughtful exploration aids families in navigating the complexities of estate administration with informed decisiveness and compassionate understanding.

Inheritance: Integrating New Assets into Your Estate Plan 

Our latest article explores the critical steps for asset inventory updates, professional collaboration, tax planning, and updating legal documents, emphasizing the importance of patience and strategic planning for a seamless transition and lasting legacy.

April Newsletter

Jensen Estate Law April Newsletter  Understanding Beneficiary Roles in Estate PlanningOur latest article explores the indispensable role of beneficiaries in shaping the destiny of your assets. Distinguishing between primary and contingent beneficiaries, we emphasize the need for legal consideration in aligning their roles with both intentions and guidelines. Additionally, we highlight the...

March 2024 Newsletter

Jensen Estate Law March Newsletter  Exploring the Tax Trails of Irrevocable and Grantor TrustsUnravel the complexities of irrevocable trusts and their taxation system with this insightful article. We explore the unique facets of how irrevocable trusts are not taxed like regular trusts, diving deep into the world of grantor trusts and irrevocable grantor trusts. We shed light on the nuances...

February 2024 Newsletter

Jensen Estate Law February Newsletter  Presidential Debates: A Forecast for Estate Tax Policy ChangesStay ahead of the curve in estate planning by understanding how presidential debates can signal changes in tax policy. This article provides a guide on what to watch for in the debates and how to interpret it from an estate planning perspective. The Unchanging Landscape of Estate Tax...


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