COVID-19 and Our Office Precautions

The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 and the new Delta Variant are persisting for the foreseeable future. While this presents a continued struggle, it has also reiterated the importance of estate planning. In Washington State we are now able to resume business functions close to what they were before the pandemic; which means in-person meetings. We want to approach this new phase slowly so we can assure all of our clients are completely comfortable with all work the do with us.
During the peaks of the pandemic we fashioned a new way of reaching our client’s needs. Through virtual and phone meetings and creative ways to sign documents with minimum contact, since online signing programs do not work for our purposes. All options that were made available to our clients over the past year continue to be available. This means any combination of meeting or signing options is available to our clients so they can reach their estate planning needs. Our goal, as business continues, is to make sure our clients are comfortable working with us at all stages of planning. We are willing to work with you on a method that you feel is best for you.
Although the news on the spread of this virus is very sad, we are encouraged by the spirit of the people of the Seattle area to work together and overcome this challenge. Stay healthy and if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please reach out to us.
*Please note that even if all social distancing measures are followed and all parties wear masks during these transactions, that there is still a risk of transmission.

Meeting Options:

Option #1: In-Office Meetings
We can now have in-person meetings! We will continue to be masked, practice social distancing when possible, and wipe down surfaces. If you choose this type of meeting, we want you to be completely comfortable with us and our environment.
Option #2: Virtual Meetings
Through the pandemic, virtual meetings have allowed us to work with our clients face to face without risk. We work mostly on Teams and Zoom for these meetings. This type of meeting continues to be most popular with our clients for meetings that do not include signings.
Option #3: Phone Meetings
Phone meetings are also available for those who are not comfortable with in-person meetings or virtual meetings.

The Document Signing Options Are:

Option # 1: At Home Signings
For this option, you will need to find two witnesses who are not named in your estate plan and not family members, we suggest neighbors. You will then sign you documents in front of them and have them sign as well as witnesses.
Option # 2: Vehicle Signings
We will meet you where you park and witness as you sign the documents from behind your car window. You will then roll the window down and pass the documents to us, so we can notarize and sign them as witnesses.
Option # 3: In-Office Signings
This option is close to an in-office meeting. We will wipe down surfaces and be masked while you sign your documents in our office.

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