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  • Estate Planning Attorney, Elder Law Lawyer, Wills - Trusts, Probate, Seattle - Redmond
  • Estate Planning Attorney, Elder Law Lawyer, Wills - Trusts, Probate, Seattle - Redmond
  • Estate Planning Attorney, Elder Law Lawyer, Wills - Trusts, Probate, Seattle - Redmond
  • Estate Planning Attorney, Elder Law Lawyer, Wills - Trusts, Probate, Seattle - Redmond
  • Estate Planning Attorney, Elder Law Lawyer, Wills - Trusts, Probate, Seattle - Redmond

Estate PlanningAt the heart of every estate plan is what the client holds dearest: children, spouse, life partner, or friend; faith or community organization; even pets. Working around this, a successful plan considers the risks and challenges that may be faced, such as death or illness, and seeks to prepare for these.




Probate AdministrationThe stress of losing a loved one can be overwhelming enough, without also having to deal with complex legal issues. The Jensen Law Office team will help you navigate the sometimes rocky waters of probate.

Probate is a court proceeding during which a will is confirmed as valid, debts are paid, and the assets of an estate are administered and distributed according to the provisions within the will. Every will is administered through probate. If there is no will or trust, the law requires an intestate probate, which is similar to a regular probate, but includes some extra procedures.



Trust AdministrationIf you are a trustee, we can help you through the trust administration process. A trust administration happens after death and is where the deceased’s debts are paid and estate assets are provided to beneficiaries according to the trust. Most of the time, it does not involve any court interaction. We will provide you with customized advice based on the particular trust involved, regardless of whether it was drafted by Jensen Law Office or another firm. We will give you the tools to organize your important documents and plan your tasks, and will guide you through the process to protect you every step of the way.



3958344When you own a business, it is important to plan ahead for your future security. Your business may become the most important asset you own, but it is also likely to expose you to a number of risks.


As you evaluate your options, we will guide you with respect to issues, such as taxation, and will assist you in deciding whether to establish your business as a limited liability company (LLC), partnership, or sole proprietorship. Then, we will help you efficiently complete and file the legal documents that you need to protect yourself from liability and financial risk.
When you come to us because you are interested in starting a business or forming a corporation, we do not assume that one type of entity fits all.  Instead, we take time to learn how you want to do business, deal with legal matters, and report your taxes.  Whether you ultimately choose to be a sole proprietorship, corporation or limited liability company (LLC), our legal guidance typically includes close consultation and collaboration with your accountant, insurance agent, and professional advisors.  Choosing the right entity is critical since you have to live with all the legal formalities and tax reporting consequences.  Our services include the preparation and filing of the articles of incorporation, formation certificate and initial annual report necessary to form your new entity with the State of Washington, bylaws, operating management agreement, initial formation meeting consents, and bank authorizations.  For non-profit organizations, we can prepare all the initial formation documents, and assist you in filing the entity with the State of Washington.

Businesses need customized contracts for owners, managers, employees, leases and all kinds of business relationships.  We can either review contracts which have been provided by other parties or draft contracts to help protect your interests.  If you have business partners, we can facilitate a buy-sell agreement that determines what happens in the event of a buyout, sellout, disability, bankruptcy, divorce or death.  If you wish to buy or sell a business, we can represent either the buyer, the seller, or both parties as escrow to close the purchase and sale transaction.



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