Trust AdministrationIf you are a trustee, we can help you through the trust administration process. A trust administration happens after death and is where the deceased’s debts are paid and estate assets are provided to beneficiaries according to the trust. Most of the time, it does not involve any court interaction. We will provide you with customized advice based on the particular trust involved, regardless of whether it was drafted by Jensen Law Office or another firm. We will give you the tools to organize your important documents and plan your tasks, and will guide you through the process to protect you every step of the way.


Some of the trust administration issues we are equipped to handle are:

  • Advanced and post-mortem planning.
  • Income tax issues.
  • Estate tax issues.
  • Generation-skipping tax issues.
  • Asset protection trusts.
  • Special needs trusts.
  • Familial discord.
  • Non-family trustees and professional trustees.
  • Estate accounting and inventory.
  • Ancillary probates.
  • Unfunded or partially funded trusts.
  • Creditor claims, contracts, and other outstanding debts owed by deceased.
  • Business entities owned by the deceased.
  • International properties.
  • Fiduciary liability.