At the Jensen Law Office, we believe a person’s estate planning is an integral part of all the other planning that goes toward creating a secure, successful, happy life. For this reason, we are open to working with our clients’ various advisors to offer a more complete solution to their planning needs. We recognize that as independent advisors each of the advisors our client has selected brings a unique perspective and skill set to the planning process. When a client aurthorizes us to work with their other advisors, we can:

  • Share information with our client’s advisors so they can help our client more effectively.
  • Consider pertinent information from our client’s advisors prior to developing and implementing our client’s plans.
  • Help strengthen the relationships with the clients.
  • Increase client satisfaction.

At the Jensen Law Office, we understand that our clients often turn to their other advisors first. However, no matter where a client turns for help, our goal to meet the client’s needs remains the same. To ensure that, ultimately, our clients are well serviced. To this end, our monthly e-newsletter for planning professionals, The Wealth Counselor, is filled with timely, pertinent information that is relevant to all planning professionals.