New for 2009! We are pleased to introduce our Estate Maintenance Program. As a client with Jensen Law Office, PLLC, we strive to make your estate plan work for you. Over time, lives change, assets are sold and new ones purchased, and family and friends change. Our new Estate Maintenance Program helps your estate plan change with you.

Membership in our Estate Maintenance Program includes the following benefits:

  • An estate plan review meeting every two years.
  • A trust funding review meeting every two years.
  • Free “word changes”. (Covers changes not requiring “legal consultation” like: changing names due to marriage or divorce, changing trustees or agents, adjusting distribution percentages.)
  • Creation of a “virtual” estate planning team by opening pathways of communication between our office and your financial, insurance, tax, and other advisors. In addition, your other advisors will be eligible to receive estate planning updates and invitations to advanced training opportunities.
  • Free phone calls to our office from you and your other advisors.
  • Free electronic transmittal of your documents via fax or email to you or anyone you indicate. We will maintain electronic copies of all of your estate planning documents on-site with secure off-site backups.
  • Your file will remain active and will not be archived or moved to an off-site location.
  • Covers 2 years of Medical Document Access.

Medical Document Access. Many clients store their healthcare documents in a safe location; which unfortunately can be inconvenient when they are needed most. With Medical Document Access, your family and medical professionals will have access to your documents when and wherever they need them. Copies of your documents are stored online and easily accessed in case of emergency or to just be sent to your primary physician. You will receive a card from our office that can be placed in your wallet and accessed with ease for all situations. This peace of mind is invaluable.

To enroll in the Estate Maintenance Program, please contact our office at 206-547-1412 or by email.