The following was first posted on the “Surviving the Estate Tax Fiscal Cliff” on November 13th, 2012:

It is now a full week from Election Day and we are starting to get a sense of where the players are lining up. We have also have one less week to take action and are left with 49 calendar days and 28 working days until the New Year.

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The articles from the weekend show that the momentum is favoring falling off of the fiscal cliff. Let’s recap:

I find this last argument compelling. When we faced a similar issue in 2010, I discussed on my tax blog that it could be politically beneficial for President Obama to let the Bush era tax cuts expire and then president his own tax cuts crafted to where he wanted them to be.

At this point I would say that the momentum is definitely moving away from a grand deal that will preserve our current estate and gift tax rates and exemptions.